Siemens CR1/2AA-WSC Replacement
3 Volts 950mah Lithium Battery
Wire Leads with Connector
PLC Programmable Logic Controller Battery
Assembled by Energy+ using Varta CR14250SE

Siemens CR1/2AA-WSC, For 810D 840D D425 D435 D445 D840 S5 S7 PLC Programmable Logic Controller Battery

Part #: CR1/2AA-WSC
Price: $17.00
If ordered by 1:30pm MST

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PLC Battery
This is a 1 cell lithium designed for NCU battery replacement for Siemens MMC 10 and Sinumerik 840D, 840Di machine control and Simatic S5-90U, S7-312CPU, S7-314CPU programmable logic control industrial computers.
Low self discharge rate gives this cell a 10 year shelf life.
Stable voltage and broad temperature range (-30 to +75C).
High energy, high reliability for memory backup applications.

Manufacturer: Varta
Part Number: CR1/2AA-WSC
Brand: Siemens
Model: 143467, 146881, 6ES7-9711AA00-0AA0, 6ES79711AA000AA0, 6FC5247-0AA18-0AA0
Volts: 3
Capacity: 950mAh (0.95Ah)
Chemistry: Lithium
Size: 1/2AA
Category: PLC Programmable Logic Controller Battery
Dimensions: DIAMETER 0.58in x LONG 1.04in
Warranty: DOA - We pretest every PLC battery for proper voltage before shipping.
Contacts: Wire Leads with Connector

Manufacturer: Sanyo / FDK
Part Number: CR14250SE
Brand: Sanyo / FDK
Model: CR14250SE-BA
Volts: 3
Capacity: 850mAh (0.85Ah)
Chemistry: Lithium-Manganese Dioxide (Li-MnO2)
Size: 1/2AA
Category: Non-Rechargeable Lithium Cell for Industrial and Memory Applications
Dimensions: Max Diameter: 14.5mm
Max Height 25mm
Operating Temp. Range: -40C to +85C
Max. recom. Cont. Current: 7mA
Warranty: DOA
ANSI: 1/2AA, 1/2R6, 1/2UM3
IEC: 1/2ER6
Contacts: Button Top Pressure Contacts

Siemens Simatic S5-90U, S7-300, S7-312CPU, S7-314CPU and Siemens Siject CI, CI16i, CI16iP and Siemens Simotion D425, D435, D445, D840, 810D, 810DE, 840D, 840DE, 840Di programmable logic controls and industrial computers.

143467, 146881, 6ES7-9711AA00-0AA0, 6ES79711AA000AA0, 6FC5247-0AA18-0AA0

CCU 3 Box (backup battery), MCI2 Board Backup Battery (MC12), MMC 10 (NCU Battery), SIJECT CI board, SIJECT CI16i (CI board battery), SIJECT CI16iP (CI board battery), 90U Series, S5-90U Series, 312CPU Series, 314CPU Series, S7-300 Series, S7-312CPU Series, S7-314CPU Series, Simotion D425 (Backup Battery), Simotion D435 (Backup Battery), Simotion D445 (Backup Battery), Simotion D840 (Backup Battery), Sinumerik 810D (CCU Battery), Sinumerik 810DE (CCU Battery), Sinumerik 840D (NCU Battery), Sinumerik 840D SL (NCU Battery), Sinumerik 840DE (NCU Battery), Sinumerik 840DE SL (NCU Battery), Sinumerik 840Di (with MCI2 board), Sinumerik 840Di SL (with MCI2 board), Sinumerik 840DiE (with MCI2 board), Sinumerik 840DiE SL (with MCI2 board), 143467, 146881, 575332, 6ES7-9711AA00-0AA0, 6FC5247-0AA18-0AA0