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Omron B9670B Replacement
3.6 Volts 2100mah Lithium Battery
Wire Leads with Connector
PLC Programmable Logic Controller Battery
Assembled by Energy+ using Saft

Omron  B9670B PLC Programmable Logic Controller Battery

Part #: B9670B
Price: $20.00
4-7 Days

Quantity Pricing:
12 for $17.95ea

PLC Battery
1 cell lithium battery designed for Omron C20, C20P, C20PF, C28P, C28PF, C40P, C40PF, C50K, C60K, C60P, C60PF, C120, C120F, C500, C500F, C1000H, C1000HF, C2000H, CQM1, CV500, CV1000, CV1M, CVM1D, GT600 series programmable logic controllers and industrial computers.
Low self discharge rate gives this cell a 10 year shelf life.
Stable voltage and broad temperature range (-60 to +85C).


Manufacturer: Saft
Part Number: B9670B
Brand: Omron
Model: 3G2A9-BAT08, C500-BAT08
Volts: 3.6
Chemistry: Lithium
Category: PLC Programmable Logic Controller Battery
Dimensions: DIAMETER: 0.68in
HEIGHT: 1.36in
Warranty: DOA - We pretest every PLC battery for proper voltage before shipping.
Contacts: Wire Leads with Connector

3G2A9-BAT08, C500-BAT08

C1000H, C1000HF Series Controls, C120, C120F Series Controls, C20 Series Controls, C2000H Series Controls, C20P, C20PF Series Controls, C28P, C28PF Series Controls, C40P, C40PF Series Controls, C500, C500F Series Controls, C50K Series Controls, C60K Series Controls, C60P, C60PF Series Controls, CQM1 Series Controls, CV1000 Series Controls, CV500 Series Controls, CVM1, CVM1D Series Controls, GT600 Series Controls, NT2000M Programmable Terminal, NT20M Programmable Terminal, NT30, NT30C Programmable Terminal, NT31, NT31C Programmable Terminal, NT600M Programmable Terminal, NT610C Programmable Terminal, NT631, NT631C Programmable Terminal, 3G2A9-BAT08, C500-BAT08