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PLC Programmable Logic Controller Battery
Saft 1756-BATA
3.6-Volts 17000mAh (17.00Ah) Lithium

Allen Bradley 1756-BATA PLC Programmable Logic Controller Battery

Part #: A-LS33600-2AB
Price: $69.00

Volume Pricing:
12 for $64.95ea

4-7 Days


Manufacturer: Saft
Part Number: 1756-BATA
Brand: Allen Bradley
Volts: 3.6
Chemistry: Lithium
Size: 2x D
Category: PLC Programmable Logic Controller Battery
Dimensions: 2.65" x 1.34" x 2.44" tall
Warranty: DOA - We pretest every PLC battery for proper voltage before shipping.
Contacts: Wire Leads with Connector CO-2AB

Programmable logic controllers and industrial computers back up battery, External Mount Battery Requires re-use of Adapter Cable:
Allen Bradley 1756-L55M1x
Allen Bradley 1756-L55M2x
Allen Bradley 1756-L6x series
Allen Bradley 1756-L55M12
Allen Bradley 1756-L55M13
Allen Bradley 1756-L55M14
Allen Bradley 1756-L55M16
Allen Bradley 1756-L55M22
Allen Bradley 1756-L55M23
Allen Bradley 1756-L55M24
Allen Bradley 1756-L60M03SE
Allen Bradley 1756-L61 (Series A)
Allen Bradley 1756-L62 (Series A)