Power-Sonic PTX5LBS-FS 12-Volts 65-CCA
AGM Sealed Maintenance Free - FACTORY ACTIVATED
Power Sonic PTX5LBS-FS
12-Volts 4000mAh (4.00Ah) Lead Acid
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Includes acid and all core fees
The same convenience and technology as the AGM Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries mentioned above, except this battery is sealed and activated at the time of manufacture. Very convenient to the point that all that needs to be done is put the battery into your vehicle and you are ready to ride. The only downside of this type of battery is that all batteries once activated have a shelf life, and if this battery is not going to be used right away, or be put in a vehicle that is not going to ridden on a regular basis, the battery will need to be kept charged on a battery maintainer.


Manufacturer: Power Sonic
Part Number: PTX5LBS-FS
Brand: Power-Sonic
Volts: 12
Chemistry: Lead Acid
Weight: 4.4LBS
Category: AGM Sealed Maintenance Free - FACTORY ACTIVATED
Dimensions: Length- 4 1/2in
Width- 2 13/16in
Height- 4 3/16in
Warranty: 6 Month
CCA @-18c: 65
Cranking Amps: 150
Apprx. Weight w/o Acid (Lbs): 4.4