Lithium Cylindrical Cells / BR-A


Manufacturer: Panasonic
Part Number: BR-A
Brand: Panasonic
Model: BR-A-BA
Volts: 3
Chemistry: Lithium Poly Carbon Monofluoride
Size: A
Category: Non-Rechargeable Lithium Cell for Industrial and Memory Applications
Dimensions: Max Diameter: 17mm
Max Height 45.5mm
Operating Temp. Range: -40C to +85C
Max. recom. Cont. Current: 2500mA
Warranty: DOA
Contacts: Button Top Pressure

SANYO: CR17450, CR17450E-R, CR17450ER, CR17450E R, PANASONIC: BR-A, BRA, BR A, CR8L, CR17450SE


         Electrical lock

         Electronic Counter

         Electronic measurement equipment

         Emergency signal light

         Gas safety emergency cutoff system

         Memory back-up

         Utility meters

Main applications

  • Memory back-up
  • Real-time clocks
  • Utility metering
  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Wireless alarms and Security devices
  • Emergency locations transmitters beacon
  • Electronic toll collection
  • Professional electronics