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Here at Battery Specialists we have been selling laptop computer batteries for over 15 years. We offer a great selection of laptop computer batteries.

Laptop Computer
41WHr 4-Cell Battery For IBM LENOVO Laptop Computers, Empire LTLP-9239-2.8
Empire 4-Cell 41WHr LTLP-9239-2.8
Price: $45.00
4-Cell 41WHr Laptop Computer Battery
14.8 Volts 2800mah Li-Pol
Replaces: IBM LENOVO L09C4P01, 57Y6265
48WHr 6-Cell Battery For IBM LENOVO Laptop Computers, Empire LTLI-9064-4.4
Empire 6-Cell 48WHr LTLI-9064-4.4
Price: $30.00
6-Cell 48WHr Laptop Computer Battery
10.8 Volts 4400mah Li-Ion
Replaces: IBM LENOVO 40Y6799, ASM 92P1138, ASM 92P1140, FRU 92P1137, FRU 92P1139, FRU 92P1141
48WHr 6-Cell Battery For IBM LENOVO Laptop Computers, Empire LTLI-9135-4.4
Empire 6-Cell 48WHr LTLI-9135-4.4
Price: $34.00
6-Cell 48WHr Laptop Computer Battery
10.8 Volts 4400mah Li-Ion
Replaces: IBM LENOVO 41U3198, ASM 42T5265, FRU 42T4548, FRU 42T5262, FRU 42T5264
48WHr 6-Cell Battery For IBM LENOVO Laptop Computers, Empire LTLI-9180-4.4
Empire 6-Cell 48WHr LTLI-9180-4.4
Price: $34.00
6-Cell 48WHr Laptop Computer Battery
10.8 Volts 4400mah Li-Ion
Replaces: IBM LENOVO 42T4235, 42T4731, 42T4733, 42T4737, 42T4753, 42T4757, 51J0499, 57Y4185, ASM 42T4703, ASM 42T4752, ASM 42T 4756 ASM 42T4794, FRU 42T4755, FRU 42T4791, FRU 42T4793, FRU 42T 4795, FRU 42T4797, FRU 42T4817, FRU 42T 4819
48WHr 6-Cell Battery For IBM LENOVO Laptop Computers, Empire LTLI-9294-4.4
Empire 6-Cell 48WHr LTLI-9294-4.4
Price: $32.00
6-Cell 48WHr Laptop Computer Battery
10.8 Volts 4400mah Li-Ion
Replaces: IBM LENOVO 121001071, L09C6Y02, 121001091, 57Y6454
49WHr 6-Cell Battery For IBM LENOVO Laptop Computers, Empire LTLI-9061-4.4
Empire 6-Cell 49WHr LTLI-9061-4.4
Price: $30.00
6-Cell 49WHr Laptop Computer Battery
10.8 Volts 4400mah Li-Ion
Replaces: IBM LENOVO 40Y8315, 40Y8317, 40Y8322, 92P1183, ASM 42T52131, ASM 92P1185, FRU 42T4514, FRU 92P1184, FRU 92P1186 40Y8315, 40Y8317, 40Y8322, 92P1183, ASM 42T5213, ASM 92P1185, FRU 42T4514, FRU 42T4516, FRU 42T5212, FRU 42T5256, FRU 92P1184, FRU 92P1186
49WHr 6-Cell Battery For IBM LENOVO Laptop Computers, Empire LTLI-9173-4.4
Empire 6-Cell 49WHr LTLI-9173-4.4
Price: $34.00
6-Cell 49WHr Laptop Computer Battery
11.1 Volts 4400mah Li-Ion
Replaces: IBM LENOVO 42T4725, 42T4726, 51J0226, 57Y6266, 57Y6527, 57Y6528, ASM 42T4586, ASM 42T4728, FRU 42T4585, FRU 42T4727, L06L6Y02, L08L6C02, L08L6Y02, L08N6Y02, L08O6C02, L08S6C02, L08S6D02, L08S6Y02
49WHr 6-Cell Battery For IBM LENOVO Laptop Computers, Empire LTLI-9237-4.4
Empire 6-Cell 49WHr LTLI-9237-4.4
Price: $34.00
6-Cell 49WHr Laptop Computer Battery
11.1 Volts 4400mah Li-Ion
Replaces: IBM LENOVO LO9N6D16, 57Y6440, 121000916, 121000917, 121000918
71WHr 9-Cell Battery For IBM LENOVO Laptop Computers, Empire LTLI-9010-6.6
Empire 9-Cell 71WHr LTLI-9010-6.6
Price: $44.00
9-Cell 71WHr Laptop Computer Battery
10.8 Volts 6600mah Li-Ion
Replaces: IBM LENOVO 40Y6795, 40Y6797, 40Y6799, 41N5666, ASM 92P1128, ASM 92P1130, ASM 92P1132, ASM 92P1132, ASM 9291138, ASM 92P1140, FRU 92P1127, FRU 92P1129, FRU 92P1131, FRU 92P1133, FRU 92P1137, FRU 92P1139, FRU 92P1141, FRU 42T4511
71WHr 9-Cell Battery For IBM LENOVO Laptop Computers, Empire LTLI-9262-6.6
Empire 9-Cell 71WHr LTLI-9262-6.6
Price: $40.00
9-Cell 71WHr Laptop Computer Battery
10.8 Volts 6600mah Li-Ion
Replaces: IBM LENOVO 42T4534, 42T4535, 43R9254, 43R9253, 42T4536, 42T4537, 42T4542, 42T4543, 42T4650
Laptop Computer
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1210010913000 B4603000 B550
3000 C1003000 C2003000 C200 8922
3000 G2303000 G4003000 G410
3000 G4303000 G430 41523000 G430 4153
3000 G430A3000 G430L3000 G430LE
3000 G430M3000 G4503000 G450 2949
3000 G450A3000 G450M3000 G455
3000 G5103000 G5303000 G530 4151
3000 G530 444-23U3000 G530 DC T34003000 G530A
3000 G530M3000 G5503000 G555
3000 N1003000 N100 06893000 N100 0768
3000 N2003000 N5003000 N500 4233-52U
3000 V1003000 Y3003000 Y300 7759
3000 Y310a3000 Y310a 77563000 Y400
3000 Y400 94543000 Y410a3000 Y410a 7757
3000 Y5003000 Y500 77613000 Y510a
92P1214ADP-40NHADP-65CH A
ASM 42T4586ASM 42T4703ASM 42T4728
ASM 42T4752ASM 42T4756ASM 42T4794
ASM 42T4796ASM 42T5213ASM 42T5265
ASM 92P1128ASM 92P1130ASM 92P1132
ASM 92P1138ASM 92P1140ASM 92P1185
B470FRU 42T4502FRU 42T4504
FRU 42T4511FRU 42T4513FRU 42T4514
FRU 42T4516FRU 42T4548FRU 42T4585
FRU 42T4702FRU 42T4727FRU 42T4751
FRU 42T4755FRU 42T4791FRU 42T4793
FRU 42T4795FRU 42T4797FRU 42T4817
FRU 42T4819FRU 42T5212FRU 42T5233
FRU 42T5256FRU 42T5262FRU 42T5264
FRU 42T5283FRU 92P1FRU 92P1104
FRU 92P1106FRU 92P1108FRU 92P1110
FRU 92P1112FRU 92P1114FRU 92P1127
FRU 92P1129FRU 92P1131FRU 92P1133
FRU 92P1137FRU 92P1139FRU 92P1141
FRU 92P1153FRU 92P1155FRU 92P1157
FRU 92P1184FRU 92P1186FRU 92P1212
FRU 93P5026G430G450
G455AG460G460 06779UU
G460 06779XUG460AG460A-IFI
G550-2958LFUG560G560 M278UK
G560 M2792UKIdeaPad B460IdeaPad G430
IdeaPad G430 20003IdeaPad S10IdeaPad S10-2
IdeaPad S10eIdeaPad S9IdeaPad S9e
IdeaPad SL500IdeaPad U110IdeaPad U330
IdeaPad U350IdeaPad U350 20028IdeaPad U350 2963
IdeaPad U350WIdeaPad V460IdeaPad V460A-IFI(A)
IdeaPad V460A-IFI(H)IdeaPad V460A-IFI(T)IdeaPad V460A-ISE
IdeaPad V460A-ITHIdeaPad V460A-ITH(A)IdeaPad V460A-ITH(T)
IdeaPad V460A-PSI(H)IdeaPad Y310IdeaPad Y410
IdeaPad Y430IdeaPad Y450IdeaPad Y46
IdeaPad Y460IdeaPad Y460 063334UIdeaPad Y460 063335U
IdeaPad Y460 063346UIdeaPad Y460 063347UIdeaPad Y460A
IdeaPad Y460ATIdeaPad Y460C-ITHIdeaPad Y460G
IdeaPad Y460NIdeaPad Y460N-IFIIdeaPad Y460N-ITH
IdeaPad Y460N-PSIIdeaPad Y460P-IFIIdeaPad Y510
IdeaPad Y530IdeaPad Y650IdeaPad Y730
IdeaPad Z360IdeaPad Z360-091232UIdeaPad Z360-091233U
IdeaPad Z360A-ITHIdeaPad Z360A-PSIL06L6Y02
ldeapad G460ldeapad G460 20041ldeapad G560
ldeapad G560 0679ldeapad V360Lenovo 3000 C100
Lenovo 3000 N100Lenovo 3000 V100LO9N6D16
ThinkPad 310ThinkPad E40ThinkPad E50
ThinkPad Edge 0578-47BThinkPad Edge 14ThinkPad Edge 14 05787UJ
ThinkPad Edge 14 05787VJThinkPad Edge 14 05787WJThinkPad Edge 14 05787XJ
ThinkPad Edge 14 05787YJThinkPad Edge 15ThinkPad Edge E220s
ThinkPad Edge E420THINKPAD EDGE E425ThinkPad Edge E520
THINKPAD EDGE E525ThinkPad Edge S430ThinkPad i1400
ThinkPad i1410ThinkPad i1411ThinkPad i1412
ThinkPad i1436ThinkPad i1442ThinkPad i1450
ThinkPad i1451ThinkPad i1452ThinkPad i1460
ThinkPad i1472ThinkPad i1480ThinkPad i1482
ThinkPad i1500ThinkPad i1512ThinkPad i1522
ThinkPad i1552ThinkPad i1700ThinkPad i1720
Thinkpad i2611ThinkPad L410ThinkPad L412
ThinkPad L420ThinkPad L421ThinkPad L510
ThinkPad L512ThinkPad L520ThinkPad R400
ThinkPad R400 7443ThinkPad R500ThinkPad R52
ThinkPad R60ThinkPad R60 0656ThinkPad R60 0657
ThinkPad R60 0658ThinkPad R60 0659ThinkPad R60 9444
ThinkPad R60 9445ThinkPad R60 9446ThinkPad R60 9447
ThinkPad R60 9455ThinkPad R60 9456ThinkPad R60 9457
ThinkPad R60 9458ThinkPad R60 9459ThinkPad R60 9460
ThinkPad R60 9461ThinkPad R60 9462ThinkPad R60 9463
ThinkPad R60 9464ThinkPad R60eThinkPad R60e 0656
ThinkPad R60e 0657ThinkPad R60e 0658ThinkPad R60e 0659
ThinkPad R60e 9444ThinkPad R60e 9445ThinkPad R60e 9446
ThinkPad R60e 9447ThinkPad R60e 9455ThinkPad R60e 9456
ThinkPad R60e 9457ThinkPad R60e 9458ThinkPad R60e 9459
ThinkPad R60e 9460ThinkPad R60e 9461ThinkPad R60e 9462
ThinkPad R60e 9463ThinkPad R60e 9464ThinkPad R61
ThinkPad R61 (14.1 & 15.0 standard screens and 15.4 widescreen)ThinkPad R61 (14.1 widescreen)ThinkPad R61 7642
ThinkPad R61 7643ThinkPad R61 7644ThinkPad R61 7645
ThinkPad R61 7646ThinkPad R61 7647ThinkPad R61 7648
ThinkPad R61 7649ThinkPad R61 7650ThinkPad R61 7657
ThinkPad R61 7732ThinkPad R61 7733ThinkPad R61 7734
ThinkPad R61 7735ThinkPad R61 7736ThinkPad R61 7737
ThinkPad R61 7738ThinkPad R61 7742ThinkPad R61 7743
ThinkPad R61 7744ThinkPad R61 7751ThinkPad R61 7753
ThinkPad R61 7754ThinkPad R61 7755ThinkPad R61 8914
ThinkPad R61 8918ThinkPad R61 8919ThinkPad R61 8920
ThinkPad R61 8927ThinkPad R61 8928ThinkPad R61 8929
ThinkPad R61 8930ThinkPad R61 8932ThinkPad R61 8933
ThinkPad R61 8934ThinkPad R61 8935ThinkPad R61 8936
ThinkPad R61 8937ThinkPad R61 8942ThinkPad R61 8943
ThinkPad R61 8944ThinkPad R61 8945ThinkPad R61 8947
ThinkPad R61 8948ThinkPad R61 8949ThinkPad R61e (15.4 widescreen)
ThinkPad R61e 7642ThinkPad R61e 7643ThinkPad R61e 7644
ThinkPad R61e 7645ThinkPad R61e 7646ThinkPad R61e 7647
ThinkPad R61e 7648ThinkPad R61e 7649ThinkPad R61e 7650
ThinkPad R61e 7657ThinkPad R61e 8914ThinkPad R61e 8918
ThinkPad R61e 8919ThinkPad R61e 8920ThinkPad R61e 8927
ThinkPad R61e 8928ThinkPad R61e 8929ThinkPad R61e 8930
ThinkPad R61e 8932ThinkPad R61e 8933ThinkPad R61e 8934
ThinkPad R61e 8935ThinkPad R61e 8936ThinkPad R61e 8937
ThinkPad R61iThinkPad R61i (14.1 & 15.0 standard screens and 15.4 widescreen)ThinkPad R61i (14.1 widescreen)
ThinkPad R61i 7642ThinkPad R61i 7643ThinkPad R61i 7644
ThinkPad R61i 7645ThinkPad R61i 7646ThinkPad R61i 7647
ThinkPad R61i 7648ThinkPad R61i 7649ThinkPad R61i 7650
ThinkPad R61i 7657ThinkPad R61i 7732ThinkPad R61i 7742
ThinkPad R61i 8914ThinkPad R61i 8918ThinkPad R61i 8919
ThinkPad R61i 8920ThinkPad R61i 8927ThinkPad R61i 8928
ThinkPad R61i 8929ThinkPad R61i 8930ThinkPad R61i 8932
ThinkPad R61i 8933ThinkPad R61i 8934ThinkPad R61i 8935
ThinkPad R61i 8936ThinkPad R61i 8937ThinkPad R61i 8943
ThinkPad SL300ThinkPad SL400ThinkPad SL410
ThinkPad SL410 2842ThinkPad SL410 2874ThinkPad SL410k 2842
ThinkPad SL500ThinkPad SL510ThinkPad SL510 2847
ThinkPad SL510 2875Thinkpad T22 2647ThinkPad T400
ThinkPad T400 2764ThinkPad T400 7417ThinkPad T400s
ThinkPad T410ThinkPad T410iThinkPad T420
ThinkPad T420iThinkPad T420sThinkPad T42p
ThinkPad T43pThinkPad T500ThinkPad T510
ThinkPad T510iThinkPad T520ThinkPad T520 Dual Core models
ThinkPad T520iThinkPad T60ThinkPad T60 1951
ThinkPad T60 1952ThinkPad T60 1953ThinkPad T60 1954
ThinkPad T60 1955ThinkPad T60 1956ThinkPad T60 2007
ThinkPad T60 2008ThinkPad T60 2009ThinkPad T60 2613
ThinkPad T60 2623ThinkPad T60 2637ThinkPad T60 6369
ThinkPad T60 6371ThinkPad T60 6372ThinkPad T60 6373
ThinkPad T60 6374ThinkPad T60 6457ThinkPad T60 6458
ThinkPad T60 6459ThinkPad T60 6460ThinkPad T60 6461
ThinkPad T60 6462ThinkPad T60 6463ThinkPad T60 6465
ThinkPad T60 6466ThinkPad T60 6467ThinkPad T60 6468
ThinkPad T60 6469ThinkPad T60 6470ThinkPad T60 6471
ThinkPad T60 8741ThinkPad T60 8742ThinkPad T60 8743
ThinkPad T60 8744ThinkPad T60 8745ThinkPad T60 8746
ThinkPad T60pThinkPad T60p 1951ThinkPad T60p 1952
ThinkPad T60p 1953ThinkPad T60p 1954ThinkPad T60p 1955
ThinkPad T60p 1956ThinkPad T60p 2007ThinkPad T60p 2008
ThinkPad T60p 2009ThinkPad T60p 2613ThinkPad T60p 2623
ThinkPad T60p 2637ThinkPad T60p 6369ThinkPad T60p 6370
ThinkPad T60p 6371ThinkPad T60p 6372ThinkPad T60p 6373
ThinkPad T60p 6374ThinkPad T60p 6457ThinkPad T60p 6458
ThinkPad T60p 6459ThinkPad T60p 6460ThinkPad T60p 6461
ThinkPad T60p 6462ThinkPad T60p 6463ThinkPad T60p 6465
ThinkPad T60p 6466ThinkPad T60p 6467ThinkPad T60p 6468
ThinkPad T60p 6469ThinkPad T60p 6470ThinkPad T60p 6471
ThinkPad T60p 8741ThinkPad T60p 8742ThinkPad T60p 8743
ThinkPad T60p 8744ThinkPad T60p 8745ThinkPad T60p 8746
ThinkPad T61ThinkPad T61 (14.1 standard screens and 15.4 widescreen)ThinkPad T61 (14.1 widescreen)
ThinkPad T61 1959ThinkPad T61 6377ThinkPad T61 6378
ThinkPad T61 6379ThinkPad T61 6457ThinkPad T61 6458
ThinkPad T61 6459ThinkPad T61 6460ThinkPad T61 6461
ThinkPad T61 6462ThinkPad T61 6463ThinkPad T61 6464
ThinkPad T61 6465ThinkPad T61 6466ThinkPad T61 6467
ThinkPad T61 6468ThinkPad T61 6470ThinkPad T61 6471
ThinkPad T61 6480ThinkPad T61 6481ThinkPad T61 7658
ThinkPad T61 7659ThinkPad T61 7660ThinkPad T61 7661
ThinkPad T61 7662ThinkPad T61 7663ThinkPad T61 7664
ThinkPad T61 7665ThinkPad T61 8889ThinkPad T61 8890
ThinkPad T61 8891ThinkPad T61 8892ThinkPad T61 8893
ThinkPad T61 8894ThinkPad T61 8895ThinkPad T61 8896
ThinkPad T61 8897ThinkPad T61 8898ThinkPad T61 8899
ThinkPad T61 8900ThinkPad T61 8938ThinkPad T61 8939
ThinkPad T61p (14.1 standard screens and 15.4 widescreen)ThinkPad T61p (14.1 widescreen)ThinkPad T61p 6457
ThinkPad T61p 6458ThinkPad T61p 6459ThinkPad T61p 6460
ThinkPad T61p 6461ThinkPad T61p 6462ThinkPad T61p 6463
ThinkPad T61p 6464ThinkPad T61p 6465ThinkPad T61p 6466
ThinkPad T61p 6467ThinkPad T61p 6468ThinkPad T61p 6470
ThinkPad T61p 6471ThinkPad T61p 8889ThinkPad T61p 8890
ThinkPad T61p 8891ThinkPad T61p 8892ThinkPad T61p 8893
ThinkPad T61p 8894ThinkPad T61p 8895ThinkPad T61p 8896
ThinkPad T61p 8897ThinkPad T61p 8898ThinkPad T61p 8899
ThinkPad T61p 8900ThinkPad T61p 8938ThinkPad T61p 8939
ThinkPad T61u (14.1” widescreen)ThinkPad W500ThinkPad W510
ThinkPad W520ThinkPad X120eThinkPad X200
ThinkPad X200 TabletThinkPad X200tThinkPad X220
ThinkPad X220 TabletThinkPad X300ThinkPad X301
ThinkPad X60ThinkPad X60 TabletThinkPad X60 Tablet PC
ThinkPad X60sThinkPad X61ThinkPad X61 Tablet
ThinkPad X61 Tablet PCThinkPad X61LSThinkPad X61s
ThinkPad Z60ThinkPad Z60mThinkPad Z60m 0660
ThinkPad Z60m 0672ThinkPad Z60m 0673ThinkPad Z60m 0674
ThinkPad Z60m 0675ThinkPad Z60m 2529ThinkPad Z60m 2530
ThinkPad Z60m 2531ThinkPad Z60m 2532ThinkPad Z60m 9450
ThinkPad Z60m 9451ThinkPad Z60m 9452ThinkPad Z60m 9453
ThinkPad Z60tThinkPad Z61eThinkPad Z61e 0660
ThinkPad Z61e 0672ThinkPad Z61e 0673ThinkPad Z61e 0674
ThinkPad Z61e 0675ThinkPad Z61e 2529ThinkPad Z61e 2530
ThinkPad Z61e 2531ThinkPad Z61e 2532ThinkPad Z61e 9450
ThinkPad Z61e 9451ThinkPad Z61e 9452ThinkPad Z61e 9453
ThinkPad Z61mThinkPad Z61m 0660ThinkPad Z61m 0672
ThinkPad Z61m 0673ThinkPad Z61m 0674ThinkPad Z61m 0675
ThinkPad Z61m 2529ThinkPad Z61m 2530ThinkPad Z61m 2531
ThinkPad Z61m 2532ThinkPad Z61m 9450ThinkPad Z61m 9451
ThinkPad Z61m 9452ThinkPad Z61m 9453ThinkPad Z61p
ThinkPad Z61p 0660ThinkPad Z61p 0672ThinkPad Z61p 0673
ThinkPad Z61p 0674ThinkPad Z61p 0675ThinkPad Z61p 2529
ThinkPad Z61p 2530ThinkPad Z61p 2531ThinkPad Z61p 2532
ThinkPad Z61p 9450ThinkPad Z61p 9451ThinkPad Z61p 9452
ThinkPad Z61p 9453ThinkPad Z61tTHINKPAD áW510 4389