10-Amp Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, and Battery Desulfator
10-Amp Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, and Battery Desulfator10-Amp Battery Charger, Battery Maintainer, and Battery Desulfator
10.00A (10000mA)

Part #:GENIUS10

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Product Description

The All New Genius Charger.

More power. More performance.

The GENIUS10 charger & maintainer features improved charging with more performance and more automation than the previous Genius G7200. 28% more power, 20% smaller size, with new modes and indicators.

The brand new GENIUS10 is engineered to offer:

  • Hyperdense technology for maximized energy density.
  • 99% power factor correction for maximum AC power.
  • Dynamic battery tracking so you can understand your battery's status.
  • Worldwide, universal 100-240VAC input.
  • High power efficiency.

Charge Down to Zero Volts.

From partially drained batteries to completely dead batteries, this charger is an upgrade over the original G7200. An improved start-voltage sensor now detects dead batteries as low as 1-volt. The GENIUS10 also has an all-new force mode for manually charging extremely dead batteries, including those at zero volts.

With Force Mode, the GENIUS10 will run a 5-minute charge cycle to bring the battery back to life. The charge LEDs will chase and the selected mode will blink. After a five minute cycle, the charger will initiate standard charging. To start Force Mode, press and hold the "mode" button for ~5 seconds and all of the modes will begin blinking. Then, toggle through and select the correct mode for your application.

Do More with One Charger.

The multi-functional design allows you to effortlessly charge multiple battery voltages and chemistries. Switch to Repair Mode to recover old batteries or prime a new one. Use Supply Mode for ECU reprogramming, powering onboard computer systems during battery changing, or powering 12-volt devices.

  • Charges 6V & 12V lead-acid batteries.
  • Works with flooded, gel, maintenance-free, and AGM batteries for applications like starter, deep-cycle, marine, powersport, and more.
  • Supply Mode reprograms ECUs and maintains power.
  • Repair Mode recovers old and damaged batteries, plus primes new ones.
  • Lithium mode for Lithium-Ion batteries, including lithium iron phosphate.

Simple Troubleshooting.

Smart indicators quickly detect if the battery charger is connected in reverse polarity, if it is connected to an incompatible battery, or if the battery is failing.

Thermal Compensation.

Optimized for any climate, the GENIUS10 dynamically alters each charge based on the ambient temperature and provides a more accurate recharge.

Bring Batteries Back to Life.

  • Built-in Auto Delsulfation Mode.
  • Smart diagnostic indicators make it easy to diagnose problems.
  • Auto-Repair is integrated within a 9-step charging profile.

Completely Automatic.

From start to finish, the GENIUS10 is fully automatic. No special modes and no technical knowledge required. This charger will safely charge any battery, detect damaged batteries, intuitively repair them, actively monitor for long-term battery maintenance, and extend battery life.

  • Year-round charging provides all-season, all-weather charging for a healthy battery.
  • Zero overcharge; can be left plugged in 24/7/365 with no worries of overcharging.
  • Auto memory automatically returns to its last selected mode.

Mounting Options.

Included mounting hardware lets you mount your charger in your garage, on a workbench, or in any convenient location so that you can connect quickly and as often as needed.

Redesigned Clamps for Maximum Versatility and Power.

The included clamps are built with needle-nose profiles for smaller terminal applications and detatchable integrated eyelets for permanently mounting to your battery.

Part NumberGENIUS10
Output: 10.00A (10000mA)
10.00A (10000mA)
Warranty3-Year Limited
What's In The BoxGENIUS10 Battery Charger w/ Interchangeable Connector Clamps w/ Integrated Eyelets Mounting Bracket w/ Strap (2) Self-Tapping Screws User Guide & Warranty Information
Operating RequirementsLine Voltage: 120V to 240V AC Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz Operating Temperature: -4 to 104 F (-20 to 40 C) Storage Temperature: -22 to 140 F (-30 to 60 C) Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% Non-Condensing
ChargingCurrent: 10 Amps DC Voltages: 6V, 12V Chemistry: Lead-Acid and Lithium Types: Wet, Gel, MF, CA, EFB, AGM, Lithium Capacity Range: Up to 230 Amp-Hours Maintenance: All Battery Sizes
PowerConsumption: 150 Watts (Max) Efficiency: 87% (120VAC / 230VAC)
ProtectionIP Rating: IP65
SafetyShort-Circuit: Yes Open-Circuit: Yes Overheating: Yes Overcharge: Yes Spark-Proof: Yes Reverse Polarity: Yes
SizeHeight: 7.1 Inches (180mm) Width: 3.6 Inches (92mm) Depth: 2.3 Inches (59mm) Weight: 3.33 Pounds (1.5kg)
Cord ManagementDC Cable Length: 77.6 Inches (197cm) DC Cable Size: 14 AWG DC Fuse Size: 20 AMP MINI Blade Fuse AC Cable Length: 71.7 Inches (182cm) AC Cable Size: 18 AWG Oil, gas, grease, water, chemical, UV, abrasion resistant
Limited Warranty3-Year Limited Warranty