Baby Monitor Battery
Exell Battery EBBM-SCD600-TP
3.7-Volts 1050mAh (1.05Ah) Li-Ion
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Baby Monitor Battery EBBM-SCD600-TP Replaces BATT-SCD600, CS-PHD600MB

Baby Monitor Battery EBBM-SCD600-TP is the ideal battery to power baby monitor systems such as the Detewe Vision 4000, Philips Avent SCD600, Topcom Babyviewer 4500, and more.

Keeping an eye on your baby is important, and with the aid of a baby monitor you have the flexibility to do so from any room. However, nothing can be more frustrating than when your baby monitor battery fails to stay charged. With our replacement Baby Monitor Battery EBBM-SCD600-TP you'll never have to worry about your baby monitor being out of commission. Take back your peace of mind and the flexibility to keep a close eye on your baby while in the other room with Baby Monitor Battery EBBM-SCD600-TP.


Manufacturer: Exell Battery
Part Number: EBBM-SCD600-TP
Model: EBBM-SCD600-TP
Volts: 3.7
Chemistry: Li-Ion
Category: Baby Monitor Battery
Dimensions: Height: 1.25" Length: 2.04" Width: 0.19"
Warranty: 1yr

Detewe Vision 4000, Exell Battery EBBM-SCD600-TP, Philips AVENT SCD600, Philips AVENT SCD600/00, Philips AVENT SCD600/10, Philips Avent SCD610, Topcom Babyviewer 4500