Dallas Semiconductor DS12887A, MK48T87AB, OEC12C887A Clock Chip w/ Battery
Clock Chip w/ Battery
Dallas Semiconductor DS12887A
3-Volts 38mAh (0.04Ah) Lithium
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Combination clock and configuration memory chip with internal battery. Direct replacement for Dalla DS12887 24 pin IC chip.


Manufacturer: Dallas Semiconductor
Part Number: DS12887A
Model: DS12887, DS12887A, MK48T87AB, OEC12C887A
Volts: 3
Capacity: 38mAh (0.04Ah)
Chemistry: Lithium
Category: Clock Chip w/ Battery
Dimensions: 1.32" x 0.67" x 0.35"
Warranty: DOA
Contacts: 24 Pin IC

DS12887, DS12887A, MK48T87AB, OEC12C887A

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