AT&T Cordless Home / Office Phone Batteries For 24029X, 4226, 4266
Cordless Home / Office Phone Batteries
Cameron Sino CS-UXE500CL
3.6-Volts 320mAh (0.32Ah) Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-Mh)
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Manufacturer: Cameron Sino
Part Number: CS-UXE500CL
Model: CS-UXE500CL
Volts: 3.6
Capacity: 320mAh (0.32Ah)
Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-Mh)
Category: Cordless Home / Office Phone Batteries
Color: Green
Dimensions: 47.30 x 46.60 x 9.20 mm
Warranty: 1 Year


  • 320BVH3TMS


  • 24029X
  • 4226
  • 4266

Quality Assurance

Cameron Sino's products have passed the International Quality Attestation of ISO9001, RoHS & CE Certificate
Because Cameron Sino is considered the leader in quality replacement batteries there are many counterfeit products using the Cameron Sino name. We purchase direct from Cameron Sino to ensure your products are not counterfeit and will have an enclosed Anit-Counterfeit security label which can then be checked for manufacturer verification directly through Cameron Sino (