Power-Sonic 12N7-4A 12-Volts 90-CCA
Power Sonic 12N7-4A
12-Volts 7000mAh (7.00Ah) Lead Acid
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Includes acid and all core fees
This type of batteries has flooded electrolyte and is very accessible. These batteries have to be carefully and periodically maintained. The conventional batteries are normally less expensive than the other types mentioned above, but with the cost savings come more maintenance. You will need to add distilled water from time to time to prevent the battery from sulfating. Water loss is a normal characteristic of this type of battery because of the high temperature inside, and the process of electrolysis and evaporation. This means the fluid level of the battery needs to be checked on a regular basis. Conventional batteries also tend to discharge more rapidly than AGM type batteries.


Manufacturer: Power Sonic
Part Number: 12N7-4A
Brand: Power-Sonic
Model: 12N7-4A
Volts: 12
Chemistry: Lead Acid
Weight: 4LBS
Dimensions: Length- 5 5/16in
Width- 3in
Height- 5 1/4in
Warranty: 6 Month
CCA @-18c: 90
Apprx. Weight w/o Acid (Lbs): 4
Acid Volume (Oz): 16.9

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