BOSCH REXROTH R911281394 Replacement
3.6 Volts 1100mah Lithium Battery
Wire Leads with Connector
PLC Programmable Logic Controller Battery
Assembled by Energy+ using Saft LS14250

BOSCH REXROTH R911281394, R911277133 PLC Programmable Logic Controller Battery

Part #: R911281394
Price: $16.95
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Manufacturer: Saft
Part Number: R911281394
Model: R911277133, R911281394
Volts: 3.6
Chemistry: Lithium
Size: 1/2AA
Category: PLC Programmable Logic Controller Battery
Dimensions: 0.58" dia. x 1.04" tall
Warranty: DOA - We pretest every PLC battery for proper voltage before shipping.
Contacts: Wire Leads with Connector

Manufacturer: SAFT
Part Number: LS 14250
Brand: SAFT
Model: LS 14250-BA
Volts: 3.6
Chemistry: Lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2)
Size: 1/2AA
Category: Non-Rechargeable Lithium Cell for Industrial and Memory Applications
Dimensions: Max Diameter: 14.55mm
Max Height 25.15mm
Operating Temp. Range: -60C to +85C
Max. recom. Cont. Current: 35mA
Warranty: DOA
ANSI: 1/2AA, 1/2R6, 1/2UM3
IEC: 1/2ER6
Contacts: Button Top Pressure Contacts

This is 1 cell lithium battery assembly for Rexroth MKE037, MKE047, MKE098 servo motor drive contol systems.

R911277133, R911281394